Niagara Parks Commission Collective Agreement

Niagara Parks Commission Collective Agreement

Niagara Parks Commission Collective Agreement: Understanding Ontario`s Employee Compensation Package

The Niagara Parks Commission is a government agency in Ontario, Canada, responsible for the management and maintenance of parks, gardens, and other natural and cultural attractions along the Niagara River. As a public-sector organization, it follows a collective agreement to regulate the employment conditions and compensation packages of its employees. In this article, we’ll explore the key features of the Niagara Parks Commission collective agreement and what it means for the park`s staff.

What is a Collective Agreement?

A collective agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment between an employer and its employees. It is negotiated and signed by both parties and serves as a fundamental framework for the working relationship. The agreement often covers issues such as wages, hours of work, benefits, training, and workplace safety. Collective agreements ensure equal treatment and protection of employees and prevent labor disputes and conflicts.

Niagara Parks Commission Collective Agreement

The Niagara Parks Commission Collective Agreement is a 52-page document that outlines the employment terms and conditions for the park`s employees. The agreement covers employees in various job categories, ranging from administrative staff to seasonal workers.

Salary and Benefits

The Niagara Parks Commission offers a competitive compensation package to its employees, including a salary increase for those who complete specific training and certification programs. The agreement also includes health and dental benefits, pension plans, and paid vacation and sick leave. Employees are also eligible for paid time off for bereavement, personal, and family emergencies.

Hours of Work and Overtime

The standard workweek is 37.5 hours, and employees are entitled to overtime pay for work beyond this limit. Overtime pay is calculated at 1.5 times the regular rate of pay for the first two hours of overtime and double-time for any additional time worked.

Job Security

The agreement also includes provisions for job security, including layoff and recall procedures, and grievance procedures to address any workplace disputes or concerns.

Training and Development

The Niagara Parks Commission recognizes the importance of ongoing training and development for its employees. The agreement includes provisions for employee training and development programs, including access to job-related training, and education and financial support for career advancement.


The Niagara Parks Commission Collective Agreement is a comprehensive and fair agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for its employees. The agreement ensures that employees receive competitive compensation packages, job security, and opportunities for training and career development. By providing these benefits, the park can attract and retain talented and dedicated employees who are passionate about preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas.